5 reasons why a Leavenworth getaway is a good idea!

1. The weather!

During the summer, your almost always guaranteed sunshine, warmth and if your me, a good old sunburn! This weekend wasn’t any different and the temperature was in the 100’s which didn’t disappoint.

2. The views and the nature that surrounds you!

Mountains, hills, trees, parks! There are so many places to explore, things to see, rivers to float and hikes to be had!


3. The brats!

I’m pretty sure Leavenworth has some of the most famous bratwurst and boy are they good!!! I’m not even a bratwurst kind of girl but “when in Rome” you try things…. like ever kind of flavored mustard they have, sauerkraut and much more…


4. Lake Wenatchee!

Man was it beautiful! The mountains that consume the lake, the smell of campfire from those camping and the coldness of the snow melted waters! It was a trip highlight for me that not only provided a beautiful view but a wonderful place to rest and a relaxing dip!

5. Shopping downtown!

Whether you like shopping and massive crowds or not, it’s fun to go downtown for a little while… to walk through the cheese shop, to try every sample they’ll let you, visit the hat store, wander the Christmas shop in summer and to explore all the other classic Leavenworth iconic shops!

This weekend was just the oasis I needed and was filled with fun dining, shopping, exploring and nature! Boy am I thankful for mini road trips and looking forward to Friday and where the wind might take me next!

With love,



Running to be FREE…

Peace. Simplicity. Freedom. Power. Bravery. Love.

These are just a few of the words I think of when I think of running.

There is power in disconnecting, give your brain a rest and giving your soul a chance to breath.

No music. No GPS watch. No phone. Just you!

You’d be surprised how much peace, beauty and life you see.

The sound of the wind. The birds chirping. The cars buzzing past. Your breath. Your heartbeat and your steps…

It all just reminds you of the freedom running through your veins. The power to go. The power to do. And the power to move.

This is why I run. Why do you run?