Welcome to my blog!

Let me start by telling you a little about myself! My names Jess, I’m a young adult who loves exploring, learning and experiencing new cultures. This year, I married my best friend and have been learning about marriage and what it means to be a wife.

I’m very into health. I run 3-5 times a week and love the outdoors. I’m one who believes in giving back and encouraging those around you to be the best they can be. I work Monday through Friday and spend my weekends exploring the world around me.

Some of my hobbies range from hiking, crafting and baking.  While I try to avoid eating gluten, there are many other options and its fun to be creative when finding substitutions. I love meeting new people, exploring new places and learning about new cultures! I lived in Africa for a few months and have been to Sierra Leone multiple times. Plus I’m excited to see where I may adventure in the future.

I started this blog to meet new people, encourage those around me and inspire individuals to follow their dreams. While that may sound cliche, I believe its fundamental in life. Everyone should do what makes them happy and love what they do.

So cheers to blogging! I’d love it if you’d join me in this new adventure! Laugh with me as I figure this world out and learn with me as I explore healthy living, my faith and serving others.